Portland-based Pulse Research has announced the release of the 2023 Pulse of America (POA)  shopping survey to further the sales efforts of newspaper, radio, and television sales executives.  With a sample of over 7,000 respondents, these findings provide a timely and insightful way for local small and mid-sized businesses to overcome uncertainty in this still challenging environment. 

Pulse Research President John Marling suggests, “Whether selling a digital-only campaign, a special  seasonal initiative, or your traditional product lineup, these findings are game-changers since they  quantify exactly how many shoppers will buy the goods and services local businesses are eager to  sell!” 

The Pulse platform streamlines the sales process, making it accessible for reps at any stage of the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing, with just a smartphone. Since its launch 15 years ago, the platform has continuously improved in terms of ease of use, speed, and intuitive design. Today, it is utilized by several hundred local media companies and thousands of sales executives daily. This high usage level allows the platform to leverage the “wisdom of the crowds” and effectively identify the best prospects. At any point in time, all users know what’s selling best! 

With access to current shopping information for nearly 600 categories, the Pulse platform provides an extensive database for sales representatives. With so much data finding prospects is almost instantaneous. A satisfied sales representative stated, “Not a day goes by I don’t find a new business to approach. This tool helps differentiate me from competitors and regularly beat my goal!!” 

In addition to providing insights on consumer purchasing and preferences, the Pulse of America survey also includes valuable information on lifestyles, behaviors, employment, and demographics.  This comprehensive data set makes the Pulse platform a valuable resource for organizations looking to expand their reach and target new audiences. As soon as organizations receive the findings, they can put the information to use and are immediately more valuable to local merchants.

NENPA members can receive a complimentary copy of the POA survey, by contacting  John Marling at Pulse at (503) 784-5772 or marling@paper.net.