Journalism Internship Fellowship Opportunities

If you have a journalism-related internship or fellowship opportunity and would like to have it listed on this page. Email the information to Tara Cleary at

Uncovering Justice Stories: A Free Workshop for Journalists at Newmark J-School

Applications are now being accepted for “Justice Stories: How to Expose Past Wrongs — and Get Action Now,” a free two-day workshop funded by The Tow Foundation and aimed at mid-career journalists covering juvenile justice, criminal justice and related beats.

Reporters enrolled in the all-expenses-paid training sessions, to be held June 20-21 at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, are expected to arrive with story pitches. They’ll get direct feedback and guidance from top-notch journalists experts in rooting out long-buried injustices and using the reporting to fuel high-impact stories that tackle current struggles.

Participants’ travel, lodging, and workshop costs will be covered by The Tow Foundation as part of the Criminal Justice Reporting Initiative, a bid to strengthen criminal justice reporting in New York City and around the country.

Applicants should send a resume, along with relevant written, video or audio clips — and a proposal for a criminal justice story they’d like to work on — to the J-School’s Daryl Khan at Qualified journalists will be accepted as they apply.

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Apply to join the Ocean Reporting Network (ORN)

The Pulitzer Center, a global organization that supports independent, innovative journalism, is now accepting applications for its new Ocean Reporting Network (ORN).

A healthy ocean is vital to addressing the triple planetary crisis of global warming, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Oceans play an essential role in climate regulation: Covering 70% of the planet, they absorb carbon dioxide and heat, and the life within it produces half the oxygen we breathe. Public awareness of the threats to marine species and ecosystems is growing, but dedicated reporting and engagement are required to bring these issues to broader attention and drive real change.

The network will establish a collaborative ecosystem of journalists around the world. Together, they will uncover the harmful and illegal practices of the fishing and extractive industries, systemic threats to marine biodiversity and coastal communities, and the supply chains facilitating global demand for the ocean’s increasingly dwindling resources. They will build on and expand coverage of chemical and noise pollution, the effects of climate change on the ocean, illegal marine wildlife trafficking, and deep-sea mining, among other issues that deserve attention.

We seek to recruit experienced journalists—freelancers or on-staff—working with local regional and international media outlets.

The full-time, year-long Fellowships will cover a reporter’s salary and provide additional support for the media outlet that employs the journalist (if on staff), or that agrees to host the Fellow (if a freelancer).

Fellows are expected to devote a full year to their ocean investigation and to publish regularly. They will receive training and data, communication, research, and coordination support from the Pulitzer Center. They will work closely with their co-Fellows worldwide, benefiting from one another’s skills and diverse perspectives.

Applications for the Fellowships are due Sunday, June 18, at 23:59 EDT (U.S. Eastern Time).

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Data Fellowship

The USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism Data Fellowship offers journalists an opportunity to transform their reporting by training them to “interview the data” as if it were a human source. Equipped with the tools to find original sources of information and perform data analysis, Fellows graduate from this hands-on training program prepared to produce a major investigative or explanatory health reporting project in the months that follow.

This program offers training on data acquisition, cleaning, analysis and visualization led by some of the most skilled data reporters and journalism practitioners in the nation. They teach journalists how to “bulletproof” their data, ensuring accuracy in reporting. Following the training week, Senior Fellows mentor reporters as they pair original data analysis with compelling narratives culminating in a groundbreaking Fellowship project focusing on an underlooked health issue in their community.

Admitted Fellows receive:

  • A $2,000 stipend to defray reporting costs
  • One week of extensive, hands-on training in beginner, intermediate or advanced Excel or R-Studio
  • Five months of professional mentorship, including skills-building workshops

Fellows also are eligible to apply for five months of professional mentorship in engaged journalism and $1,000-$2,000 to support those creative efforts.

Application deadline is July 17, 2023

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The Virginian-Pilot newsroom internship program

The Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press are looking for talented young journalists to join our newsroom in 2023.

We’re the largest newspaper in Virginia, and our newsroom features award-winning journalists eager to help you learn. Our coverage area includes many cities, miles of beaches, the world’s largest Navy base, and more.

Our interns are paid, and treated as regular newsroom staff members, learning on the job and helping to produce Virginia’s best news coverage. You will be assigned an editor, participate in team meetings, and may join training sessions on topical subjects.

We’re offering internships throughout the year, with start dates in the spring, summer, and fall.

If you have questions, please contact internship director Sean Kennedy, at

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Pulitzer Center Grant Proposals For Enterprise Stories On Threats To Democracy in the U.S.

The Pulitzer Center is seeking proposals for enterprise stories that focus on threats to democratic institutions in the United States. Topics can include, but are not limited to, voting suppression; misinformation and disinformation; intimidation of election officials; politicization of election systems; political violence; dark money; and extremism/militias.

This opportunity is open to all newsrooms and independent journalists in the United States and applications are open and reviewed as they come in.

We value data, investigative, and accountability journalism projects that tackle systemic issues and hold to account powerful local figures.

You decide what underreported stories your community needs to engage with, and we support that reporting and champion it, including creating educational materials and organizing events to expand the reach of your stories and the conversation about them.

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