It’s easy to place regional advertising in New England – NENPA does all the work for FREE!

Advertise in New England newspapers

The New England Newspaper & Press Association makes it very easy for regional advertisers to place their ads in New England newspapers. We offer a free, one-stop service that businesses, organizations and agencies can use to conveniently place their print display and online ads in as many newspapers as they need to accomplish their marketing objectives.

NENPA serves advertisers that want to reach beyond a single market to target residents across a larger portion of the region. We ensure that they receive the absolute lowest rates available, and our experienced staff can assist them in choosing the most effective (and cost-effective) combination of newspapers.

We skillfully execute all of the logistics of running the campaign – including:

  • scheduling the ads
  • trafficking the creative
  • verifying the run
  • consolidating the billing

Best of all, NENPA’s services cost the advertiser nothing.

Classified and small-space advertisers

Classified and small-space advertisers can reach prime sales prospects all throughout the region, as well, by running their ads in our network of NENPA member newspapers.

Whether they choose to advertise in just one state or throughout all of New England, NENPA classified and 2×2 network advertisers receive a huge discount, paying just a small fraction of what it would normally cost to schedule ads in all of the papers.

NENPA makes regional advertising simple and quick – helping both advertisers and newspapers in the process. Plus, we can place ad campaigns nationwide, too!