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Builders and Backers and VOMO have partnered to create the ‘Be A Neighbor’ campaign and are opening the VOMO app for free, for everyone and every organization in any community that wants to use it to help us come together during the COVID-19 crisis. 

News organizations are invited to add the widget to their website to begin. Gaining immediate access to organizations and people in you area that need your help or can provide help during the Coronavirus crisis.

The Dallas Morning News reported on using the widget and the program is scaling nationally with a lot of other news organizations starting to use the widget to connect needs and helpers during coronavirus crisis.

VOMO was created to become a movement for good —mobilizing volunteers to meet the needs of their communities. 

Builders + Backers was created to ignite action in communities across America with the most American of methods: experimentation and entrepreneurial action.

VOMO’s team is working 24×7 to add functionality specific to the needs of communities during the pandemic.