The coronavirus pandemic is dominating headlines, generating stories on issues touching nearly every aspect of lives. Business lockdowns and restrictions have redefined commerce and reshaped daily routines. Business news from all aspects deserves extra attention during these extraordinary times.

This is also an opportunity to think about expanded business coverage during ordinary times. Stories about employers and employees have a big impact on communities. What happens at the workplace might even overshadow a decision of a local governing body. Yet, many newspapers struggle for consistent coverage of employers and employees.

Watch the recording from July 30.

This free session held on July 30 offers practical steps to start on a path of substantive coverage, including helping businesspeople understand the importance of reporting the good news as well as the bad news. Developing business news is an important step toward increased advertising revenue as well.

Presented by NENPA University and Jim Pumarlo, Owner Community Newsroom Success Strategies.

Resources from webinar:

Business News Handouts July 30 Webinar

Covering Business News In Challenging Times Slides