Pulse Research recently launched the next wave of the Pulse of America Shopping intent research survey to help support your sales team and local businesses. It’s an easy, no-cost opportunity for NENPA members to quickly acquire localized next 12-month audience shopping data for over 550 business categories.

Your sales team will use the new shopping information to successfully prospect, secure more appointments and generate far more revenue!

We have set up a short webinar with Sammy Papert, who has represented Pulse in New England for many years, on June 17, 2021, at 10:00 am EDT. In this short webinar, we will go over how the survey works, how to promote it, the type of shopping data you will have access to for your sales teams, and answer any questions. Attendance in the webinar is not required to participate in the survey.

Access the meeting at this link:  https://zoom.us/j/95859815744

  • Respondents will share their intent to purchase across 12 MONTHS.  As state-after-state opens up this will provide valuable guidance to customers and prospects and  allow newspapers to more easily talk about annual commitments.
  • All respondents can enter a contest once completing the survey to have a chance to win $5,000.  You read that right!

It’s simple to promote – newspapers can find all the materials here:  www.pulseresearch.com/poa

Sending an email works best, followed by an intercept or pop-up, social media posts and ads in paper and online. 

Newspapers that are interested in capturing their own sample will have a unique URL assigned for local respondents.  Something like https://www.pulsepoll.com/marketname

Once the survey is completed Pulse will provide current localized results and send you the survey findings. The results will give your sales team information to connect with prospects and advertisers with information for and about their businesses.