Six new members were inducted into the New England Newspaper Hall of Fame on April 29 during a dinner at the New England Newspaper Convention. The New England Newspaper Hall of Fame recognizes the most outstanding newspaper professionals from throughout our six-state region. More than 100 individuals have been singled out over the past 50 years.

Linda Lotridge Levin, Leonard I. Levin, Greg Popa, Charles “Chuck” Goodrich, Loren Ghiglione, and George Geers were chosen for their talent, hard work, and exceptional accomplishments which provide inspiration to all New England journalists.

Several people close to the inductees were not able to attend and recorded video congratulations for the inductees. Linda and Leonard Levin were also unable to attend but did provide video messages accepting their awards.

The messages paint a picture of the inductees whose experiences range from being the first woman to actually report news for a major daily to an editor playing Space Invaders, a publisher writing a column about Russia and networking with Soviet journalists, and the “Chairman” enforcing grammar and style with an iron first. An ambitious publisher who has done almost every job at his organization and now leads it, to a senior-level executive that started as an idealistic reporter and rose through the ranks to lead many of the large newspaper organizations in New England.

Check out what the Levin’s have to say and what other people close to our inductees have to say about them in congratulations for their awards.

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