Hall of Fame - Chris Braithwaite

Chris Braithwaite

Chris Braithwaite
the Chronicle

After working for several major news organizations, including the Portland Oregonian, Newsweek, and the Globe and Mail, Chris founded the Chronicle in 1974.

Since then he has become “the face of journalism” in the Northeast Kingdom.

Under his leadership the paper has developed into a world-class weekly forum of reporting known for its wide-ranging coverage, features, and hard-hitting but balanced editorial opinions. All done with accuracy, flair and depth.

Braithwaite’s Chronicle has shown a willingness to tackle the big, complex stories with a doggedness that has won attention and respect across the state and beyond. The paper’s relentless coverage of wind power projects in the region is a prime example. Not counting Chris, the Chronicle’s editorial staff of 5 FTEs has 140 years of combined journalism experience. This level of experience has not always been easy to maintain, but Chris has given it top priority and the results are top quality journalism for his rural area.

Additionally, Chris has worked tirelessly for the International Center for Journalists and other organizations to help journalists in struggling lands create local newspapers worthy of a democratic society. The Chronicle has for many years been active in a charity called Warm the Children, which asks residents to donate to help local children get warm winter clothing. Since 1994 the program has enabled the Chronicle to raise about $250,000 in donations and clothe more than 4,000 children.

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