About New England Newspaper & Press Association

NENPA is proud to represent and serve more than 450 daily, weekly and specialty newspapers throughout the six-state region.

The New England Newspaper & Press Association (NENPA) is the professional trade organization for newspapers in the six New England states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.

NENPA is the principal advocate for newspapers in our region, helping them to successfully fulfill their mission to engage and inform the public while navigating and ultimately thriving in today’s evolving media landscape. More than 450 publications are members of NENPA, and they benefit from our wide range of important services.

Sales Representation for Regional Display Advertising

NENPA places more than $5 million of advertising in New England newspapers each year through our one-order, one-bill service. This program funnels new revenue to newspapers in the region, and we’re currently expanding our service to include even more aggressive promotion of the incomparable audience delivery that our member publications offer.

NENPA makes it very easy for regional and national advertisers to place their ads in New England newspapers. We offer a free, one-stop service that businesses, organizations and agencies use to conveniently place their print and online ads in as many papers as they need to accomplish their marketing objectives.

Conferences, Conventions, and Trade Shows

NENPA produces the New England newspaper industry’s annual convention and trade show each February, along with a special one-day conference each fall. These events offer professionals from all areas of the newspaper business an opportunity to explore, discuss and debate the pressing issues that the industry and their own publications are facing.

Top experts and practitioners in the publishing industry typically headline the program at these gatherings to present their views about emerging trends, advice on best practices, and their ideas for innovation. Representatives from NENPA member newspapers also share their experiences— including the results of their experimentation, lessons they’ve learned and recommendations. The convention includes instructional seminars, as well, so attendees have an opportunity to brush up on both the basic and advanced techniques of our profession.

These programs are offered at a very affordable price. NENPA is committed to providing all of its members— regardless of the size of their organization or amount of resources— with ready access to high quality professional development activities that consistently provide cutting edge ideas, strategic insight and a true competitive advantage.

Newspaper and Staff Recognition

NENPA conducts region-wide competitions and bestows both individual and institutional awards each year that recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of the exceptional people who produce our member newspapers. Chief among these are the Annual New England Newspaper Awards and the New England Better Newspaper Contest.

Some of our most prestigious individual honors are for lifetime achievement. NENPA members are eligible for election into the New England Newspaper Hall of Fame. Likewise, each year the Academy of New England Journalists presents its acclaimed Yankee Quill Award to distinguished journalists who have had a powerful impact on the local news industry.

NENPA’s affiliate groups also confer awards throughout the year to honor those who work within specific disciplines, such as news, advertising, circulation and production.

NENPA University – Professional Development and Training Programs

In addition to the full slate of seminars, workshops and training opportunities offered at our annual conferences, NENPA partners throughout the year with our affiliate groups to offer in-depth one or two day training sessions that help participants learn or sharpen the skills required to be successful in specific areas of the newspaper business, such as advertising sales, watchdog or multimedia journalism, copy editing, photography, various aspects of production, etc.

These training sessions are held at member locations throughout New England. We also schedule encore events at convenient locations throughout New England that are easily accessible for members. Seminars are conducted via webinar, too, and information from much of the training is posted on the NENPA website for members to access (including video, powerpoint presentations, etc.). In every case, NENPA’s workshops are conducted by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

Industry News and Insight: the NENPA e-Bulletin

NENPA publishes a locally-focused industry news round-up that we distribute online to executives and staff at newspapers throughout New England. The NENPA e-Bulletin includes timely articles of particular interest to metropolitan and community newspapers, relevant commentary and how-to tips from nationally-recognized newspaper specialists— all updated constantly.

Norms, Best Practices and Strategic Consulting

NENPA staff members have considerable expertise in newspaper operations and publishing strategy. We’re also in an ideal position to help members identify best practices, good examples and standards in use at newspapers throughout the region or the country. Members are encouraged to contact the NENPA office for day-to-day operational assistance at any time.

Job Listings

NENPA maintains a job bank that lists newspaper employment opportunities that are available throughout New England. Member newspapers may post their job openings for free.

Discounted Libel Insurance

NENPA members are encouraged to take advantage of our group discount rates for insurance, including basic coverage for libel and slander, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright, plagiarism, commercial printing errors, etc.

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Membership Information

NENPA offers several types of memberships for…

  • Newspaper Membership [DOWNLOAD Application]
  • Affiliate publishers [DOWNLOAD Application]
    (bi-weekly or monthly papers, shoppers, magazines, periodicals, trade publications, blogs, other news organizations)
  • Affiliate companies [DOWNLOAD Application]
    (companies that sell products and services to newspapers, advertising agencies)
  • Associates [DOWNLOAD Application]
    (freelancers, retirees, students, teachers, colleges, student newspapers, non-profit news-related organizations)

If you’d like more detailed information about the services that NENPA provides, or if you’d like to consider joining our organization, please contact Executive Director Linda Conway.

Our Members Say …

“This is InDepthNH.org’s first year as a member of NENPA. I was reluctant to join, but Christine Panek explained the benefits such as free classifieds that made it very affordable. Julie Slack helped put our ads together. As a growing nonprofit online news outlet, I have been able to reach a broad audience of job seekers and as a result found a number of valuable freelance writers and a director of development. Being a member also makes us feel connected to the world of news through NENPA emails and newsletters. I plan to tap NENPA’s event planning option in the future and look into the training sessions. Having worked as a reporter for many years, I like to keep up with who’s doing what. Thanks Christine and Julie.”

– Nancy West, New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, InDepthNH.org