Newspapers of New England, Inc., a family-owned news organization with publications serving readers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, recently announced a series of leadership changes.

Current NNE president and CEO Aaron Julien will move into the role of chairman. He replaces longtime NNE chairman John Kuhns, who is retiring. Chuck Goodrich will assume Julien’s role. Meanwhile, Dan McClory is being promoted from chief financial officer to chief operating officer of NNE. McClory will maintain his role as publisher of the Valley News.

“By adjusting responsibilities and spreading the work out, we can spend more time and attention on finding new funding solutions while also managing daily operations – without increasing management staffing,” Julien wrote in a company-wide message. ”This past year has been our toughest ever, but the fact is we’re in good shape thanks to your hard work, as well as the difficult choices we made to ensure our long-term success.”

Goodrich has spent 35 years in the newspaper industry, primarily at dailies and weeklies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He served as president and CEO for a division of Community Newspaper Company in Massachusetts and was a longtime publisher and senior executive for its successor companies. “I”m excited to join the talented team at NNE and look forward to building on what has been accomplished,” he said.

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