The Google News Initiative (GNI), in partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC), announced the publication of the GNI Advertising Revenue Playbook, a comprehensive guide for small and midsize news organizations on how to successfully monetize web content and grow digital advertising revenue. This is one of the pillars of GNI’s Digital Growth Program, which also includes audience development, reader revenue, data and product.

The playbook is designed to instruct both publishers who do not yet have a digital advertising business or would like to better understand the basics of programmatic advertising and those who already have a digital advertising business but are looking for ways to improve their strategies or gain new insights to improve revenue. Through its six chapters, the playbook provides an in-depth and step-by-step look at the basics of digital advertising, improving audience engagement and website performance, developing sales solutions, building an advertising team and managing ad campaigns.

Along with the release of the playbook, GNI and the LMC will be hosting a series of free workshops that align with the playbook’s content. Starting on June 1, the workshops will feature experts from GNI, the LMC, and other digital media speakers and consist of four sessions during the month of June. Anyone interested in attending the free workshops can register here.

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