DIGIDAY | Seb Joseph | June 10, 2020

The third quarter in the most normal of times is a media lull, landing smack dab in the middle of languid summer months, used more as a preparation for the critical fourth quarter to end the year. This summer, advertisers have their plates full as they settle into the most unusual summer in memory.

Advertisers are scrapping their original plans for 2020 as they adapt to new consumer behaviors brought on by months of quarantine and continued social distancing guidelines.

Most (52%) are still working on those revisions, per a survey of 151 marketers and agency execs from Advertiser Perceptions. And just three in 10 (29%) of those surveyed said they already have a new strategy in place.

While this summer would seem ideal for companies to reboot, few can afford to go dark, coming off a written-off second quarter.

More than half of advertisers still plan to ramp up ad spending in the third quarter, while 28% are accelerating spending before the end of June, per Advertiser Perceptions.
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