Sean Stanleigh | INMA | December 31, 2019

I work on the content marketing side of the business. We are challenged by the vastness of the media landscape. Advertisers can put their dollars against campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other social platforms. Amazon is a major player. We’re still up against television, radio, and other digital media. Even print is still a thing.

If you think about formats, podcasts have emerged as an increasingly popular storytelling option, and mixed reality is edging onto people’s radars.

A lot of advertisers still think about short-term, focused campaigns. Convincing them of the effectiveness of a long-term, multi-pronged, multi-platform, multi-format strategy is a big hurdle. But it’s the approach they need to take to be successful.

Innovation inherently requires risk. In 2012, The Globe and Mail introduced its digital subscription model. Seven years ago, it was studded with risks, but over time it has become a significant revenue contributor to the business.

Data, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning are the story of the past year. They’re going to continue to disrupt markets, economies, and jobs.

The arrival of 5G will eliminate mobile lag times and download speeds. Video and Augmented Reality, particularly on social platforms, will increase in volume and scope and become more viable. Location-based data will become more widely available and far more precise.
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