NENPA U was fortunate to have Peter Lamb present a sales management best practices webinar on August 20, geared towards publishers, revenue officers, and ad directors.

Watch the recording from August 20.

Lamb, president of Lamb Consulting, is a strategy consultant specializing in media companies. He draws on his years of experience working with and advising publishers, sales managers, and reps around the world to share what the best sales managers do every day to guarantee their success.

In the session, Lamb explores some of the most commonly asked questions from sales managers around the world:
– What should my Monday morning meeting format be?
– How much time should I spend in the field?
– Should I close the sale for the rep? Let them sink?
– What contests should I use?
– How do I build a winning team?
– What is the MODEL week for me?

He gives some great ideas and success stories of what the new revenue opportunities are that are working today despite all of the changes from the coronavirus pandemic. Lamb also explores the methodology of new products, and earning revenue from niche products.

According to Lamb, the goal of his consulting practice is “to utilize the sophisticated strategic marketing principles and techniques, learned while doing my MBA at Harvard Business School, meshing them with a hands-on sales approach, to generate new revenue streams for publications and websites. ROI is achieved by focusing on NEW-NEW revenue … from customers that have never used our products before in print or online.”

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