New England Newspaper and Press Association University LogoAlong with the wide assortment of professional development opportunities that are available to New England newspaper personnel at our annual convention, NENPA also produces a slate of high quality— yet low cost— training sessions that we conduct all throughout the year. NENPA’s training curriculum addresses mission-critical issues that are relevant for those who labor in all areas of the newspaper workforce; including news, advertising, circulation, production, promotion, new media and administration.

Training sessions are offered at locations throughout New England in order to make them most accessible and convenient for members. For those that are not able to travel, seminars are also conducted via webinar.

In every case, NENPA’s workshops are conducted by some of the most knowledgeable professionals serving the newspaper industry.

If you have suggestions for a new training session, or would like to be contacted about future workshops, contact us at!

Upcoming NENPA University Events

Podcasting Workshop – SOLD OUT!
9:45 am to 2:00 pm Thursday, November 15, 2018 at WGBH in Boston, MA (lunch included)

Learn the in’s and out’s of creating a podcast. Whether you’re launching a daily podcast about local news or creating a podcast around one news story or topic, this event will help you either get started or improve your podcasting skills.


Workshop highlights include:

  • Developing your podcast idea- how to decide on a direction and find your way.
  • From field reporting to the studio, what equipment you need to get started and keep going.
  • Thinking and working like an audio reporter – the slew of conventional wisdom out there that can guide your first forays into audio reporting.
  • The editing process- editing a print story may be second nature, but the approach is different when you’re dealing with an audio piece.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls- we’ll talk with former newspaper professionals about how they made the transition to podcasting and how it changed how they think about and go about their work.
  • Tour WGBH and listen to a podcast session to spark creativity and give you an idea of what’s out there in the podcast ether.

The workshop will feature the following expert speakers:

  • Mitch Hanley – a Peabody Award-wining producer and the Podcast Producer at The GroundTruth Project
  • Jeb Sharp – Podcast Editor/Producer at Frontline; former senior producer and editor at PRX’s The World
  • Kerry Donahue – early podcasting pioneer; director of training at PRX’s Podcast Garage; former director of the Columbia School of Journalism’s audio program
  • Marc Filippino – associate producer of the nationally-distributed podcast, Innovation Hub. Former local newspaper reporter at The Cambridge Chronicle and the Lexington Minuteman.
  • Miles Smith – audio engineer on staff at WGBH; extensive recording work with The Moth; NPR’s Selected Shorts; and consulting work on This American Life.
  • John Ryan – director of business development at WGBH News; formerly with NPR digital services, American Public Media and WNYC. John curates out podcast listening sessions.
  • Carlos Virgen – digital news director at The Day; Carlos has experience designing and constructing The Day’s podcast recording space.

For more information contact Christine Panek at 781.281.7284 or

Note about parking: Participants can park in the guest parking lot for free. Drive past One Guest Street on your right, and pull into the lot labeled “Guest Parking.” The lot is behind the building. Walk around front to the lobby where you’ll be greeted.

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