NENPA remains dedicated to serving the daily, weekly and specialty publications throughout New England during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have created this dedicated resource page where we are continuously compiling guidelines, safety advisories and other information sources that support journalists and news organizations. If you know of other resources, or have created something that could be helpful to other newsrooms, please send us feedback – questions, comments and requests on ways that we can help you!

Contact your Congressional Representative to Co-sponsor the Local Journalism Sustainability Act

Dear Newspaper Colleagues, I'm writing to you seeking your support for a bill that will help local journalism exist and transition during a time of COVID-19. The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is bi-partisan legislation providing an...

Webinar Resources – Five Ways We Must Change Our Sales Approach

Business changed overnight because of the Covid-19 pandemic. On June 30 this free webinar explored how our sales approach must change too. Watch the recording from...

NENPA announces free summer webinar series

The New England Newspaper & Press Association is excited to announce a free summer webinar series being offered through NENPA University and presented by veteran, industry experts.
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Wednesday, July 8, 1:00 pm EDT
Media Ethics – During this session consider the ethical issues journalists face as they strive to be accurate, fair, and clear. Grounded in the right to press freedom and utilizing real-life case studies, participants grapple with issues journalists may encounter, including privacy, anonymous sources, and the pressure to be first. Presented free by the Freedom Forum.

Wednesday, July 8, 1:00 pm EDT
Covering Coronavirus: The Economy or Your Health? – This webinar will look at where we stand in the reopening, what policies and practices might reduce health risks, and how journalists can tell urgent stories of workers and families forced to choose between their health and their economic survival. Presented free by the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism.

Thursday, July 9, 8:00 pm EDT
“What Are We Missing?” – A free panel discussion on media coverage gaps of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Presented by Dig Boston and Boston Institue for Nonprofit Journalism. Hosted by Chris Faraone and Jason Pramas.

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