New England Newspaper Convention

Registration is open … more details to come about the 2019 convention!

Register 5 or more people and pay just $500 for your entire staff to come to two days of training! 

The deadline to receive the group rate for hotel reservations is Monday, January 28, 2019.

2019 Session Topics

  • Newsroom Survival: when violence strikes the office
  • 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes for the Newsroom
  • Alternative Story Formats: How To Shake Up Your Story
  • Public Trust & Misinformation
  • Podcasting 101
  • Facebook: friend or foe (how to leverage for your business)
  • Video: Beyond the pivot
  • How to find, train, retain, and motivate a successful digital sales staff
  • Sponsored Content
  • Collaborative journalism
  • Burst out of your box
  • Art of the interview
  • Engage newspaper audience in new ways
  • Year of photos in review
  • Place the visual first
  • Email metrics matter
  • Trauma Journalism: self-care for journalists
  • Inside Publick Occurrences – how to produce long-term news projects
  • Find your shark – is your team ready?
  • Understanding the local-mobile paradox
  • Betting on the gaming industry
  • Collaborative journalism
  • Digital marketing: geo-targeting and geo-fencing strategies that work
  • Social selling guide to success
  • Video monetization
  • Digital subscriptions & data
  • College media roundtable
  • Digital marketing services in 2019
  • Designing great ads
  • Data to drive dollars

About The New England Newspaper Convention

Each February the New England Newspaper and Press Association produces a two-day convention in Boston. The convention is jam-packed with workshops, training sessions, seminars and panels that address the latest developments, opportunities and obstacles that our members are confronting. Attendees choose from a custom-crafted curriculum of dozens of sessions that focus on intriguing topics pertaining to news, advertising, circulation, operations and new technology.

Each year the lineup of speakers attempts to address a full gamut of subjects that range from important updates regarding ongoing concerns to cutting-edge issues that our industry is grappling with. The program also includes a basic instruction on publishing fundamentals, new tools and the day-to-day practice of our profession.

The centerpiece of the annual Winter Convention is the New England Better Newspaper Competition awards ceremony, at which hundreds of awards are presented to deserving newspaper professionals from throughout the region. Individuals are awarded for their extraordinary work in serving their audience, advertisers and communities. The awards recognize the outstanding coverage, commentary, community involvement and marketing activities that newspaper professionals throughout New England pursue day-in and day-out.

The Better Newspaper Competition honors newspapers for a breadth of work — from the best news, business, feature and sports stories, to the best columns, editorials and photos. Work is recognized in a wide range of print and digital categories, as well as the best ad campaigns and circulation sales promotions. There are 75 award categories, and each category recognized newspapers in several different circulation tiers.

In addition to honoring the very best efforts of our member newspapers, entries are displayed for all to see so that this award-winning work will provide bright new ideas and inspiration for our entire membership.