Many communities, especially those in historically marginalized areas, often feel disconnected from the news intended to serve them. This disconnect highlights the need to bridge the gap between journalists and the community, ensuring that reporting genuinely reflects and benefits the community it serves.

Why This Matters

To better serve your audience and enhance your DEIB practices, community asset mapping is a crucial strategy. This exercise helps identify and utilize the strengths and resources within your community, transforming your reporting to be more inclusive and impactful.

Webinar Details

Speaker: Letrell Deshan Crittenden, Ph.D., Director of Inclusion and Audience Growth at the American Press Institute

In this engaging session, recorded on May 30, 2024, Dr. Crittenden guides you through the essential steps of creating a community asset map.

You will learn to:

  • Distinguish between sources and assets
  • Understand the advantages of asset mapping over traditional source listing
  • Identify different types of community assets
  • Strategize and execute the creation of an asset map

By the end of the session, you’ll have a foundational starting point for your asset map and clear next steps for completing and refining it. This skill is invaluable for any journalist, regardless of their role in the newsroom.

About the New England Equity Reporting Fellowship:
Founded in 2021 by the Granite State News Collaborative, New England News Collaborative, New England Newspaper & Press Association, and Solutions Journalism Network, in partnership with the Endowment for Health, this fellowship aims to enhance news coverage on race and identity issues in New England and foster an inclusive newsroom culture.