President and Creative Director of Kid Scoop, the weekly youth feature, has been publishing for 30 years in newspapers in 42 states. Whiting trains newspaper publishing staff in transformational selling that captures year-round sponsorships of the Kid Scoop youth feature page and the companion Kid Scoop Junior for preschool children – very popular with parents. Vicki created the Kid Scoop features to give newspapers a direct connection to young readers so they begin reading the newspaper as they develop their reading skills in elementary grades and even younger. The weekly Kid Scoop page (available in different sizes) presents lively reading activities that are not only fun for children and families but adhere to required education standards. Hundreds of thousands of classroom teachers rely on Kid Scoop to motivate reluctant readers and bring all students up to grade-level reading – essential to succeeding in high school and avoiding dropping out. This is a reading challenge for all teachers since the Covid pandemic reduced reading scores across the nation by two-12 years. Parents use Kid Scoop at home to increase reading time for their children, crucial for vocabulary acquisition. In addition, ten years ago Whiting created Kid Scoop News, a monthly 24-page tabloid newspaper that is now given to more than 100,000 children in four states. This publication is growing nationally through partnerships with press associations and publishers. Kid Scoop publications are designed to help newspapers build readership now and into the future. See free marketing materials and articles about Kid Scoop’s use in newspapers around the nation at

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