Attention NENPA members: the 2024 New England Newspaper of the Year Awards competition is about to open next week! Now is the time to start preparing your entries to showcase your best work.

We will be honoring the region’s best daily, weekly, specialty, and online news publications with the prestigious “New England Newspaper of the Year” award. This unique competition, judged by New England newspaper readers, will cover a range of circulation categories.

To enter, editors need to complete the online form, include a cover letter, and submit two editions from the contest year (June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024).

Categories include:
– Weekday newspapers
– Sunday newspapers
– Weekly community newspapers
– Specialty publications
– Online news sites

Entries will be sorted into competitive divisions (small, medium, large) within their categories.

Additionally, entries are being accepted for these prestigious awards:
Publick Occurrences Award: Best individual or team stories, series, spot news, columns, or photojournalism.
Bob Wallack Community Journalism Award: Celebrates long-term community service and contribution.
Allan B. Rogers Editorial Award: Best local editorial of the past year.
New England First Amendment Award: Exceptional work upholding the First Amendment.
AP Sevellon Brown New England Journalist of the Year: Recognizes journalism of distinction in New England.

Get your submissions ready and learn more about each award on our website.