I am a graduate of the University of Missouri with a BS in Education/Paleobotany. I received a ROTC commission in the US ARMY in Armor and served during the Viet Nam conflict in Armored Cavalry. I survived that nightmare.

After teaching life science for two years in Kirkwood, MO., I became a photo lab technician at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Promoted to photojournalist, and then director of photography, I was named director of imaging technology in 1981. I was charged with control of all imaging creation through press. During my tenure at the Post, I defined and managed the transition from traditional production of color and text on page into full color pagination with 1 hours inter-edition deadlines for color imaging.

I was hired in 1989 by Scitex Inc., Herzelia, Isreal and served as international director of industry marketing for news publishers both newspapers and magazines. During my tenure at Scitex, my team converted over 175 major publications, worldwide, from traditional proceses to full page pagination with 1 hour color deadlines and full page pagination.

After leaving Scitex America in 1996, I formed by own consulting company providing product and marketing assistance to many major newspaper and magazine companies.

I am a five-time Pulitzer Nominee in photojournalism and have received multiple awards from both the NFL and Major League Baseball.

I currently shoot weddings, parties and whatever commercial photography I can get. As non-photojournalist now, I enjoy shooting as people welcome me to their event and are glad I am there. In the past I was generally not welcome and got pushed, shoved, punched or my favorite, being jabbed in the kidney with a night stick by some over-zealous cop trying to protect whomever from the media… I don’t miss that.

I am avid photographer, enjoy fly-fishing skeet shooting and life in general. My wife, Gabrielle DeMichele and I live in Chesterfield, Missouri near St. Louis.