Through our annual journalism awards, the National Press Club seeks to recognize and honor professional journalists who produced outstanding work in 2020 for the public, either independently or as employees of editorially independent news entities. In all cases, judges will give weight to demonstration of individual enterprise, fairness, accuracy and objectivity.

Content produced for house organs, pamphlets, theses or reports will not be considered, nor will advocacy outlets of interest groups such as trade associations, consumer organizations or government agencies.

Entries may be submitted by either journalists or their employers. Non-traditional entrants are free to explain in supporting materials how they meet these journalistic criteria and should submit a statement explaining their editorial independence.

There is an entry fee of $75 per submission – NPC member entry fees are waived with login. (Note: If you’ve logged in but it appears you’ve been logged out when you reach this page, please hit the “refresh” button on your web browser.)


Categories: Consumer Journalism Award, Washington Regional Reporting Award, Arthur Rowse Award For Press Criticism, Edwin M. Hood Award For Diplomatic Correspondence, Newsletter Journalism Award, Joan M. Friedenberg Online Journalism Award, Sandy Hume Memorial Award For Excellence In Political Journalism, Joseph D. Ryle Award For Excellence In Writing On The Problems Of Geriatrics, Angele Gingras Humor Award, Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting Award, Michael A. Dornheim Award, Lee Walczak Award For Political Analysis, Breaking News, News Photography

More Information About Each Award and Entry Instructions