Attention New England Publishers and Editors,

NENPA is working with The Boston Globe to promote a coordinated effort to combat Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy and we are asking for your support.

Newspapers around New England will be writing an editorial that addresses vaccine hesitancy for their community. The Boston Globe has offered to make additional material available to New England newspapers (content, charts, social media, etc.)

Please read the letter below from Marjorie Pritchard, Deputy Managing Editor, Globe Opinion, and click on the link to fill out a form to join the campaign, and you will be sent links to the content when it’s available. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Linda Conway
Executive Director
New England Newspaper and Press Association

Dear Colleagues,

We all know how to end the coronavirus pandemic: Get vaccinated. But we also know that reality has run into resistance from millions across the nation who are hesitant to get the vaccine.

In an effort to clear up misinformation about vaccines, The Boston Globe will run a special front-page section on Aug. 18 that will comprehensively debunk myths about vaccines and identify other barriers to vaccination in our community. The package will include stories, charts, and a diagram on how to respectfully talk to people about their vaccine concerns.

We will also publish an editorial that addresses vaccine hesitancy in our community and recommends the next steps to encourage vaccination. We’d love it if you would join us by writing your own editorial for Aug. 18 or your regular publishing day that week.

As trusted members of our communities, we can each address our individual community’s concerns and hopefully persuade people to get vaccinated. Publishing on the same day would send a powerful message to the nation that civic journalism can help solve this public health crisis. Please join us. It’s our last best shot.

We can also provide our news content and social assets if you would like to include them in your coverage.

Thank you,

Marjorie Pritchard
Deputy Managing Editor, Globe Opinion

Join Vaccine Hesitancy Campaign