Pulse has launched the second wave of their Covid-19 Impact Survey to help determine the impact of the pandemic on local shopping intentions. It’s not too late for NENPA members to participate for free and gather their own data and use it to drive revenue.

Pulse has created a video of how
the results of the survey can be used as a
conversation starter with new and existing clients.

On Sept. 10 Sammy Papert from Pulse told NENPA, “It’s not too late we will keep the survey open for another month. That’ll give us time to process the data and have it on all client sites early in October for the Fall selling season. The only cost is pixels and paper. Everyone will get a copy of the relevant state or regional data; and, we have 30+ clients working to get their sample. We’re glad to help anyone do that!”

Pulse hopes the survey results will help address some of the business uncertainty. Giving local businesses, newspapers, and sales teams a better understanding of the next few months.

It’s simple to participate and Pulse provides the promotional materials. Invite your readers and website visitors to participate in the survey through ads in print, online, through any email news products and social media. Get a minimum sample to the survey, so that Pulse can verify promotion and you are on your way. Once the survey is completed Pulse will send you the survey results.

Pulse provides incentives for your audience to respond. They will award $1,000 to one respondent of the entire survey and promotion materials emphasize that responses are completely confidential.

To participate contact Papert at, (214) 505 – 6420 or spapert@sbcglobal.net.

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