While the coronavirus is disrupting business as usual, it’s also spawning new opportunities for small businesses to reach local audiences and media companies opportunities to be there to provide these services to generate revenue.

ITZonTarget is a strategic consulting partner for media companies. Greg Swanson, Chief of Business Development for ITZonTarget has spoken at several NENPA conventions and is inviting you to a series of webinars on digital tools, campaign ideas and strategies to offer your customers. There is no cost for NENPA members to participate.

Webinars will be held on Wednesdays from 3:00 – 3:30 EDT via Zoom. This is the link to use for all meetings:

Be sure to mute your mic’s, unless you’re speaking. They will reserve time for a couple of questions at the end of each session. If your question doesn’t get answered, email Greg at greg@itzontarget.com.


MAY 27: Greatest Campaign Hits
In this webinar we present a few recent campaigns that delivered the goods. Join us and hear how a school got new students, a water park attracted a slew of kids, and a theater company filled its seats at the last minute at the end of the season through their digital campaigns and targeting tactics.