You should be able to look at your font sets to see if you have/use fonts that no longer will be supported. You should see a notification like this image.

We want to get the word out to all NENPA members and other New England publications to ensure they will not be impacted by Adobe shutting down its support for the many Type 1 fonts that have been available over the years.

Thank you to our friends at the Illinois Press Association (IPA) for sharing this important information.

What this can mean for you, is if you are utilizing Adobe InDesign for pagination or for creative purposes and are continuing to use Type 1 fonts (as many newspapers are without knowledge) and allow Adobe InDesign to automatically upgrade to version 18.2 – you may lose the ability to paginate with your current fonts. You will need to upgrade your font set to OpenType sets (or similar) as soon as possible.

If you utilize older versions of InDesign / Non-Creative Cloud versions, this impact will not immediately affect you.

The IPA staff highly suggests turning off automatic updates to Adobe InDesign until you verify your font set is upgraded before it auto-updates to version 18.2.

Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud includes the use of Adobe fonts from the Creative Cloud Solution which has the availability of many fonts for your use (advertised as more than 20,000 fonts).

The URL can be found here: and you log in with your Adobe ID.

A link to more information can be found here:

Here also is more information from Extensis:

And here is an article about the font differences:

This article also could be helpful for Mac users: