Martin Langeveld

New England Newspapers, Inc.

Martin Langeveld retired from his position as publisher of New England Newspapers, Inc. (NENI) in 2008 – after devoting 30 years to making extraordinary contributions to both the newspaper industry and the communities in which he worked and lived.  Martin’s impact on journalism didn’t stop when he retired – he began analyzing and reporting on the industry for the Nieman Journalism Lab in his blog, News After Newspapers. In 2016 he returned to newspapers when a group of local investors asked him to guide them in returning the NENI newspapers to local ownership, eventually persuading him to resume the publisher’s role that he left nearly 20 years before – he agreed to do so until a new publisher was hired. In addition to his intellect and capacity to solve complex business problems, Martin is also known to have that rare quality to transcend the business disciplines to preserve, protect and promote the core mission of high-quality local media publishers.

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