The Solutions Journalism Network is leading a systems-level change in journalism so that all people – no matter how or where they get their news – have access to rigorous reporting not only about problems, but about promising and evidence-based responses to them as well. This is especially critical for the coverage of our changing climate, where apocalyptic, unsolvable, doom and gloom stories far outweigh those that examine meaningful efforts to advance environmental repair, resilience and adaptation. The news plays a pivotal role in making this information widely available.

To advance this work, SJN is launching the Climate Beacon Newsroom Initiative in partnership with Covering Climate Now and Climate Central. This year-long program (through September 2023) will bring together five newsrooms in the U.S. to work individually and collectively to transform their coverage of the changing climate throughout their organizations. In addition, each newsroom will select a Climate Fellow to take part in the Solutions Journalism Network Train-the-Trainers program (ToT). These five fellows will each create a climate solutions journalism training module that they will use to spread the practice of solutions journalism in covering our changing climate. Each Climate Fellow fellow will receive $5000 stipend for their work, in addition to the $20,000 stipend awarded each newsroom. All programming will be conducted virtually.

Click here to review the full application and apply. All U.S.- based newsrooms ready to shift their climate reporting coverage toward rigorous, evidence-based reporting on solutions to the climate crisis are encouraged to apply.  Mark your calendars for the October 10th application deadline. Semifinalist newsrooms will be announced on October 14th. Click here for our application FAQs.

Learn about SJN’s other work to advance climate solutions journalism on our Climate Solutions page; scroll down to read the latest climate solutions journalism from a variety of news outlets.