NENPA University Session Evaluation Comments

Evaluation comments from participants at the Aug. 7 NENPA University workshop:
The New Rules for Successful Newspaper Ad Sales

“Loved it! Got so much more than a two-hour training in the morning at the office.”

“Being new to the industry, I think it's a great way to begin training and developing myself as a great media rep/marketing consultant. I look forward to the rest of the series. Thank you for your time and knowledge. I appreciate being engaged the whole time.”

“Sessions like this renew my love and passion for what I do and where I work.”

“Thought this was wonderful, being a newbie in the field. It was certainly a help for me! Wonderful and helpful.”

“It was very comprehensive. Everyone was informative, inclusive and made the audience feel comfortable, relaxed and easy to share thoughts and ideas.”

“This session was very informative. Extremely useful. Great job.”

“Excellent job. Looking forward to the next session. Thank you.”

“Very appropriate and purposeful presentations and information. The sessions were timely — didn't drag out, keep it that way! Keep us moving along — well done this time. Handouts were great — keep them coming.”

“Great brainstorming sessions!”

“I felt like I learned a lot. The information was relevant and useful.”

“Well done! Nice updated stats. Looking forward to upcoming sessions. Great forum in the small groups.”

“I liked the interaction with the groups and the speakers.”

“Breakout groups were very helpful. Sessions were excellent.”

“Many things that we already know, but need to be reminded of. I liked all the stats.”

“I think the session did a good job of being informative and interactive.”

“Great job all!! Great job to you all! Very insightful about the media industry and how to differentiate myself from the rest. Good information to use when talking with customers.”

“Very helpful. Great techniques. Liked hearing testimonials.”

NENPA University's future advertising workshops

NENPA University's workshop "The New Rules to Succeed in Advertising Sales" sold out to classes on Aug. 7 and Sept. 27, 2012 at NENPA's offices in Dedham. If you would like to be contacted about future workshops, please contact Megan at 781-320-8042 or

Four other workshops dealing with advertising sales will be offered by NENPA University:
• "Ask, Listen, AND THEN Sell"
• "Selling Solutions Not Ads"
• "The Anatomy of New Business Prospecting"
• "Show Me the Money"

Dates for those workshops have not yet been set, but they are expected to be offered within a year's time. All of the five sales workshops are expected to be offered more than once.

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