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The New England Newspaper & Press Association offers a unique and valuable service to regional advertisers to help them place print display ads and digital advertising in New England or in other parts of the country. This free service saves advertisers a good deal of time and effort when scheduling ads in multiple publications.

There’s no need for an advertiser to contact every publication individually to check rates and size specifications and fill out multiple insertion orders. Just make one call to NENPA and we’ll coordinate everything for you!

NENPA is the non-profit professional trade association that serves all of the newspapers throughout New England.  We represent more than 450 newspapers -- including major metro publications, smaller dailies, weeklies, community newspapers and specialty publications throughout the six-state region – along with their digital media.

One of NENPA’s most important roles is to provide businesses and advertising agencies with a free service to help them easily place ads in as many or as few newspapers and websites as they like. We literally do all of the legwork for them when they want to place ads in multiple publications and/or multiple markets.  Our free service is especially useful for those that have limited resources to devote to the considerable task of coordinating buys with several newspapers at one time.  We offer extremely quick turnaround and we place the ads at the exact same rates as you’d get if you contacted each individual paper directly (the absolute lowest available).

NENPA is an advertiser’s vital partner when placing print or online advertising. Newspapers and their websites typically provide the largest overall and largest online audience available in local markets.

NENPA places ad schedules for many well-known advertisers, such as Sovereign Bank, Bay State/Columbia Gas, TJ Maxx, H&R Block, Verizon Wireless, Tufts Health Plan, TD Garden, the Boston Bruins, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and many more. During the elections we also place campaign advertising for politicians such as Scott Brown and Lincoln Chafee.

We would be very pleased to partner with you and assist you with your ad placement in newspapers and on websites throughout New England or throughout the nation.  If needed, we’ll be happy to offer research and recommendations too. Whether you require broad reach or targeted messaging, our staff does all of the work for you.  We’ll coordinate with the newspapers to place the orders, traffic the ads and streamline the billing so that you get just one total bill.   

Best of all, our service is absolutely free.
We look forward to working with you!

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We already use an advertising agency to place our ads – why would we need NENPA’s help?

Advertising agencies routinely use NENPA’s complimentary service to schedule their print and digital newspaper advertising for regional advertising campaigns because it saves them the time and effort required to contact multiple papers. We can free up the agency staff to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of the campaign, rather than the labor-intensive logistical work of placing, tracking and billing for the ads. NENPA’s service makes the whole process more cost- and time- efficient for your agency. Plus, NENPA will ensure that the agency receives all commissions they are entitled to and the lowest rates available for your ads.

Typically, we don’t do a whole lot of print advertising – is there any other way NENPA can help us?

NENPA can offer as much or as little help as you need. We place advertising campaigns of any size — whether you want to run in just a handful or in many newspapers. We can also place your digital ads on newspaper websites and mobile platforms throughout New England or all across the country.

I certainly don’t want to pay anything extra for my advertising – does NENPA mark up the newspaper ad rates or charge additional fees or commission?

There are no commissions or markups involved at all. We will place your advertising at the exact same rates you’d get if you contacted each news organization directly. In fact, we make sure that you receive the absolute lowest rates that you are entitled to.

How is NENPA able to offer all of this labor and expertise as a free service?

NENPA is a non-profit association that is funded by the newspaper industry in New England. One of our most important missions is to make it as easy as possible to for you to advertise in newspapers and their digital publications. We stand ready to help make your advertising a success, and our service is always complimentary.

We already have a great relationship with advertising reps at the newspaper(s) we typically use, and I don’t want to give up my opportunity to work directly with them — where would NENPA fit in?

By all means, we encourage you to continue working with the ad sales representatives that you’ve come to know and trust. Please remember that NENPA offers an invaluable service for you to rely on when you need to extend your reach beyond your typical advertising vehicles. We can help you identify highly effective, cost-efficient options for promoting your most important initiatives and biggest events.

Why should I take the risk of changing the way I’ve always placed my advertising?

There is actually no risk involved at all. Many well known companies and organizations, such as banks and financial institutions, popular entertainment venues and attractions, utility companies, government agencies, healthcare organizations, political campaigns, auto dealer associations, etc. rely on our complimentary services every day. We offer an unmatched level of expertise when it comes to placing your ads with newspaper organizations. Go ahead, try us out. You’ll find out why all of these advertisers trust NENPA as a valued partner. Let us place a schedule for you so that you can see just how easy and efficient the process is.

How should I proceed if I’d like to give this a try?

Just place one phone call to NENPA and we’ll take it from there!
Linda Conway 781.320.8049 |

For more information, please contact:
Linda Conway
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