Shirley Elder Lyons

Shirley Elder Lyons, 85, of Portsmouth, N.H, died Sept. 18 of complications from Parkinson’s disease.

Lyons was a part-time reporter for The Boston Globe’s New Hampshire Weekly after she relocated to Sandwich, N.H., in 1981.

Before that, she had been a reporter in Washington, D.C., for The Washington Post, and then for the former Washington Daily News and the former Washington Star.

Lyons co-authored two books: “Tip, a Biography of Thomas P. O’Neill Jr., Speaker of the House” and “Interest Groups, Lobbying and Policymaking.”

She was a writer and co-editor of a book about the history of Sandwich, published in 1995 by the Sandwich Historical Society.

Lyons leaves a stepdaughter, Jennie; a stepson, James; six grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; a sister; a stepbrother.

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