Increase Your Paid Subscriptions
with a 4 to 4.9% Response Rate!

B&W Press (private since 1965) is a G7 Master Printer, offering printing, manufacturing, and mailing under one roof. We can help you increase your paid subscriptions!

Offer your advertisers inserts with direct response envelope! Our low-cost newspaper inserts include a built-in reply envelope, securing credit card privacy for prepaid subscriptions (expect 4 to 4.9% response rate). Or use our direct mail formats for reactivation programs.


Subscription Renewal Mailer

The Subscription Renewal Mailer with attached Order Form & Response Envelope is available to fold into two different formats in the same print run. Based on folding, the renewal mailer can be a Free Standing Insert or a Direct Response Mailer, for subscription prospecting or renewals.

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B&W Press Subscription Renewal Mailer

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