NENPA Media Law Hotline

Provided by Prince Lobel Tye LLP

Prompt, free legal advice is only an email or phone call away, thanks to the New England Newspaper & Press Association’s members-only Media LawHotline.

Staffed by media law attorneys from the law firm of Prince Lobel Tye LLP, the Hotline provides NENPA members with a reliable and quick source of expert advice on legal issues in many areas of law affecting newspapers and their online sites. NENPA members are entitled to use this free service as a benefit of membership.

Prince Lobel Tye LLP will provide your newspaper and website with legal vetting (prepublication review) of up to four articles of any length per month. We’ll also help to answer your general questions on such business and First Amendment law issues as:

  • Access to government meetings, court proceedings, and public records
  • Obtaining daily logs and police reports
  • Drafting public records requests and appealing denials
  • Native advertising and FTC endorsement rules
  • Use of celebrity images and the right of publicity
  • Handling reader comments and liability for reader contributions (online and off)
  • Cameras and blogging in the courtroom
  • Online video and webcasting
  • Newsgathering, trespass, and invasion of privacy
  • Hidden cameras and tape recording
  • Secret dockets, sealing and impoundment orders, expungement, and HIPAA
  • Trademark and domain name issues

Instructions For Using The Hotline

  1. Authorized employees (editors and department heads) of NENPA member newspapers should call the Hotline number (1-888-428-7490) and also send an inquiry by e-mail to
  2. State clearly that you are calling as a NENPA member and using the NENPA Media Law Hotline. Identify your newspaper and your role at the newspaper.
  3. If leaving a message, state clearly your name, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  4. State clearly any deadlines for responding to your inquiry.  Be sure to state if it is an emergency or urgent deadline.
  5. Be prepared to discuss the facts relating to your inquiry.
  6. A media law attorney at Prince Lobel Tye LLP will respond to your inquiry, usually the same day and always within 24 hours. The only exception is that non-emergency requests received on weekends or holidays will be answered promptly during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Eastern time.

Using the NENPA Media Law Hotline signifies acceptance of the Terms of Use.

For more information contact Robert Bertsche, Partner at Prince Lobel Tye, at

  1. If your inquiry is in the areas and scope covered by the Hotline and requires no more than two hours of lawyer time, you will not be billed for the service; the legal fee will be covered by NENPA.
  2. Questions that require significant research or investigation (more than two hours work), or that involve other substantive areas of law (such as tax, real estate, etc.)—as well as inquiries in excess of the four-per-month cap—are not covered by the Hotline but may be made the subject of a separate engagement of Prince Lobel Tye LLP at reduced fees. If and when it becomes apparent that your inquiry will require additional time or legal resources, you will be so advised and, if appropriate, given the option of engaging Prince Lobel Tye LLP directly to handle your case.  In such cases, you will be directly responsible for the fee, and NENPA will bear no responsibility.
  3. The NENPA Media Law Hotline is administered and subsidized jointly by NENPA and Prince Lobel Tye LLP. The attorney-client relationship is between the newspaper and the law firm providing the service. NENPA has no liability for the legal advice given.
  4. Prince Lobel Tye LLP will provide NENPA with periodic reports on the number of Hotline calls received, and the general nature of such calls, but will not share with NENPA information about which NENPA members use the Hotline or the specific issues discussed, unless specific permission is given.
  5. Legal advice will not be provided for disputes between NENPA members, or in matters that would create a professional conflict of interest for Prince Lobel Tye LLP.  In case of conflict of interest, NENPA member newspapers will be given the names of other lawyers who may be available to respond to the inquiry.  However, all fee arrangements in such cases will be between the newspaper and the lawyer, and neither NENPA nor Prince Lobel Tye LLP will bear any responsibility for the fees.