Hall of Fame - R. Scudder Smith

R. Scudder Smith
The Newtown Bee

R. Scudder Smith has served as editor and publisher of the Newtown Bee since 1973 when his father Paul retired. In that year he proposed coverage of an area of particular interest to people living in Connecticut and New England. He began providing copy on antique dealers and auctioneers and soon Antiques and the Arts Weekly was spun off. The publication is known today as the "Bible" of the antiques industry. The fourth generation of his family to run The Newtown Bee, Smith's contributions to both journalism and his community have gone far beyond what most people expect. In 1998, the Newtown Bee established a park in the center of town for the enjoyment of the public. In fact, Smith literally pitched in with shovel in hand to do many of the gardens and plantings. He has never sought recognition but rather stood firm in his belief that excellence is its own reward.

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