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Oreste D'Arconte

Oreste D'Arconte
The Sun Chronicle

For more than four decades - a span that stretches from typewriters to Twitter - Oreste “Rusty” D’Arconte has been the exemplar of the community newspaper person.

After beginning his journalism career 44 years ago at his hometown newspaper in Allentown, Pa., he has spent the rest of his career in Attleboro, working for the Attleboro Sun and its successor, The Sun Chronicle. He has served as reporter, editor, editorial page editor, assistant to the publisher for product, general manager and, since 1998, publisher.

As a reporter, Rusty wrote a ground-breaking 10-part series on drug use in the Attleboro area in 1969.

As publisher, his paper has kept local officials on their toes through his commitment to journalism and willingness to funnel resources into news coverage. He has overseen The Sun Chronicle’s conversion from afternoon to morning newspaper and the growth of his paper’s website as a vibrant source of news. And when he, like many in our industry, became troubled by the blind accusations and unsubstantiated allegations so prevalent in online commentary, he suspended comments on the newspaper’s websites until a registration process which verifies a poster’s identity could be devised, becoming one of the first publishers in New England to confront prevailing wisdom in the industry on this issue.

He has worked for the newspaper industry, his community and his employees with rare and unselfish dedication. He has been president of the New England Newspaper & Press Association and the Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association. He has served as chairman of the board of both the United Regional Chamber of Commerce, which named him Person of the Year, and the United Way of Greater Attleboro-Taunton.

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