Classified and 2" x 2" Ad Networks

Classified and small-space advertisers can reach prime sales prospects all throughout the region by running their ads in our network of NENPA member newspapers.

Whether they choose to advertise throughout just one state or throughout all of New England, NENPA network advertisers receive a huge discount, paying just a small fraction of what it would normally cost to schedule ads in all of the papers.

This type of program makes most sense for advertisers who are selling merchandise or services that anyone—regardless of where they live—may want to take advantage of (such as travel, vacation rentals or time shares, land for sale, camps, professional instruction and trade schools, franchise or other business opportunities, custom-made, rare or hard-to-find merchandise, antiques, collectables, etc.)

This is a one-stop, streamlined service. We simply take your ad copy and run it in networks of newspapers that publish in any state. Because we’re a non-profit organization, the price we offer is very affordable.

To run your classified ad in:

  • Massachusetts network (nearly 150 newspapers) -------> $225
  • Connecticut/Rhode Island newspaper networks  ----------> $175
  • Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine newspaper networks ---> $175
  • All six-states in the New England region (more than 250 papers) ---> $395

 This is a rare opportunity for classified and small-space advertisers to get the maximum exposure for minimum cost!

We can place your advertisement in newspapers all across a state, a region or even across the nation, and your ad will only cost a dollar or two per paper. It’s a wonderful way to ensure a good response by spreading your message far and wide, without having to go to the trouble of contacting all of the papers individually or the expense of paying regular price for your ads.

For more information or to place your classified or small-space ad in the network, please contact:
Linda Conway
p: 781.320.8049
f:  781.320.8055

Paula McCallum

p: 781.320.8041
f: 781.320.8055

Lynette Williams
p: 781.320.8050
f:  781.320.8055

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